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Roger ne rate jamais une émission "Des chiffres et des lettres"
Maurice, retraité de l'armée
Mireille, retraité de la poste, profite de l'air marin
Jean, 20 ans, fils d'agriculteur
André cultive ses carrés de poireaux dans son petit potager
Carlos, employé d'abattoir
Franck et les couleurs...
Pierre et Jeanine, une vie entière en banlieue et des rêves d'ailleurs
Rachid oubile l'exil quand il est dans sa maison
Nominoë, ïlien
Brice, voyageur
Lily n'a jamais vraiment quitté le monde des barbies
Philippe a appelé son fis Johnny
Anne a une passion...
René-Charles Robert ne regrette que son patronyme.

In this project, I was interested by the smallest division of the territory, the house, as an expression of individuality. So I look in the houses for signs of the character of their inhabitant, each leaving his mark on the world. The study is seen as an inventory, allowing the identification of categories, from "Tiny house" to "neo-chateaux" .If the methodology is inspired by the Dusseldorf school, the objective of the series is very different. This is not objectivism, rather letting the viewer's subjectivity meet the author's. Each image of habitation will be completed with an interior view that will be attributed to the owner of the place. These objects belong in fact to the photographer, a link is then established between the author and the subject, and by transitivity between the author and the viewer .

The scenography will be inspired by the set theory, each house being more or less related to several categories.