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Gazon (300x200 cm)
L'embouteillage (60x400 cm)
Le déjeuner dur l'herbe (60x300 cm)
Habitat vertical (47x213 cm)
Les voisins (180x120 cm)
L'état d'urgence (282x212 cm)
Il est grand temps de rallumer les étoiles (400x500 cm)
Détail (Il est grand temps de rallumer les étoiles)
La scénographie

False-Pretences questions about space and its occupation.
The reflection on the process of the series is based on two observations:
- in our countries, the landscape is more and more fragmented, consisting of small homogeneous blocks and we live cloisonnated in these pieces of space.
- The camera also participates in the fragmentation of the landscape since it captures a landscape area delimited by the surface of its sensor or its sensitive surface.
The idea is to recreate large spaces, by the juxtaposition and the multiplication of these fragments of "landscapes".
The large prints thus obtained, helped by the scenography, far from freeing us from this partitioning, participate our confinement in this world that we have modeled and highlight the absurdity of our ways of life.
The first part of the project is realized. It is in the form of a closed space of 4mx5m.

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